For Kafka

I am a cage
in search of a bird
in search of a word
of comfort
only you can bring.

Call back to me
all my unsung joys.
Without your voice,
I can’t remember anything.

Bring to mind
a season that never was.
Help me find
a reason to love
and not to hate
in the cold, unending silence
and the violence
of the world outside my gate.

But I am afraid
of doing you harm.
You sleep in my arms
and all the lines get blurred.

First comes the love song.
Then comes the rage.
For I am a cage
and you are a bird.

Did you come
expecting to come home?
There’s no one
the hope behind your eyes.
Take the lies if you need them
to find freedom for your heart
before it flies.

I am a cage
still in search of a bird
still in search of a word
of kindness
only you understand.

Be my friend.
Never let me catch you.
Never get attached to
the promise of a man.

Sing your song
sweetly from the safety of a branch.
I’ll long
for you deeply
but time will make us sure
that behind the mind’s resistance
there’s a distance
every love needs to endure.

Words and music copyright of Paul Weinfield/Tam Lin Music Publishing (BMI, 2019)

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