You make me dream, little Pisces,
dream what’s out of reach.
I see myself when I was younger
with my mother at the beach
and I feel the waves.
I feel the waves come to carry me.
And I forget to say I love her:
I just swim past my mother to the sea.

I can’t read you, Pisces.
You wear a watery mask.
Do you feel what I am feeling?
Would you know how to ask?
But you feel the waves.
You feel the waves, as you wrap your legs around me.
You never say you love me.
You just swim through my body to the sea.

And the moon in your eyes
has such a lonely, lonely pull.
You make me feel so empty.
You make me feel so full.

Are you leaving, Pisces?
Going somewhere far?
I used to think love was impossible,
but then I look and here we are:
feeling the waves
as they were and always will be.
And I know love is everywhere
as we swim through each other to the sea.

Words and music copyright of Paul Weinfield/Tam Lin Music Publishing (BMI, 2013)

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